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The new ADIPOWER MULTIWEIGHT is a revolution in the Adipower family. It brings together the strength and reliability of Adipower and adds the WEIGHT AND BALANCE SYSTEM customisation technology. This system enables you to modify the game profile of the racket so that it adapts to your needs at all times. Screws on the top and on the sides of the racket head can be adjusted to increase or reduce the weight by up to 12 grams and vary the balance. Enhancing attack or control qualities as needed. Its 18K CARBON surface and high-density EVA HIGH MEMORY rubber offer great power on all your hits. The SPIN BLADE technology helps you to generate better effects. And thanks to the DUAL EXOESKELETON technology with carbon ribs around the entire frame, you’ll feel a great solidity in your hits on the ground of the court and on the volley.


Customise your racket and adapt it to the type of game you want to play in each match. The WEIGHT AND BALANCE SYSTEM technology, exclusive to Adidas, is based on a system of screws of different weights on the head of the racket, with which its balance can be modified. Placing more weights, the racket’s balance will be at the top, directing it more towards the attack. Removing weights moves the balance towards the bottom the racket, gaining control.


The DUAL EXOSKELETON technology consists of a structure of double-height carbon ribs that reinforce the racquet’s core and frame. This increases the racket’s rigidity and torsional resistance, providing a greater sensation of consistency on all hits and greater power in attacks.


The SPIN BLADE system is a rough insert that fits into the mold of the racket, providing a better grip on the ball and helps you generate more spin on your shots with greater effect

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Weight .360 kg
Dimensions .455 × .38 cm


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