Adidas Racket Bag Tour Sand


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Racket Bag Tour Sand

TOUR is a brilliant option if your priority is extra storage. This padel bag offers space for up to 9 rackets and has a specially designed ventilated compartment to store your shoes too. It also contains two smaller pockets on each side of the bag to store smaller items. Available in either an olive or sand colour, the bag is made from 100% Polyester and is water repellent. With this option, you’ll arrive in comfort to all your matches.

Fit all your belongings you need to your games.

Store your shoes in a large and ventilated pocket.

One pocket on each side where you can store your rackets.

Capacity: 9 Rackets

2 pockets on the outside of the racket bag where you can store your smallest and most personal accessories.

Large compartment to store the things that take up more space.



100% polyester

9 blades

55 x 36 x 30cm


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Dimensions 55 × 36 × 30 cm


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