Adidas Racket Bag Protour 3.2 Lime


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Racket Bag Protour 3.2 Lime

A key factor to consider when buying a bag to carry your padel equipment is space. With these bags, you’ll have plenty of room, and more! With a capacity for 11 rackets, these backpacks are made with high-quality and waterproof materials. There is an extra-large compartment to store you padel trainers, in addition to 2 thermal side pockets in which to place your rackets. For your personal belongs and any other accessories, they bags have a main pocket and 4 extra side pockets on the outside of the bag.

Capacity for 11 rackets

Protect your rackets by storing it in the thermal pockets.

Store your shoes in a large and ventilated pocket.

One thermal and waterproof pocket on each side where you can store your rackets.

4 pockets on the outside of the racket bag where you can store your smallest and most personal accessories.

Large compartment to store the things that take up more space.



100% polyester

11 blades

55cm x 43cm x 30cm


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Dimensions 55 × 43 × 30 cm


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